What is the cost to fish on the pier?


It is $8/day/person and you will get a wristband so that you can come and go on the pier all day and night if you would like. Children under 48” tall is $5/day/child and young children in strollers that will stay in the stroller and not walk around are free. Tuesdays are $7 for Seniors Citizens.

What if I don’t fish, or someone with me doesn’t fish, but wants to go on the pier to be with me and/or my family/friends?

The cost is still $8/day/person to receive the wristband. Children under 48” is $5/day/child. Again young children in strollers, staying in strollers are free. You may also take a walk down and back for $1; however, you may not stay on the pier. If you should decide to stay, you would need the $8 wristband and the $1 would be deducted from that cost.

How many poles can I bring?

You are allowed to bring two 2 poles per person ~~ No exceptions!

Do you rent poles?

Yes, we rent poles set up for either fluke or blue fish. The cost to rent a pole is $6/day and you must leave two forms of I.D. or a $50 cash deposit when renting poles. Examples of acceptable forms of I.D. include; license, credit card, state issued I.D., bank card.

What about bait and tackle? Do I need to bring my own?

We sell fresh bait (and also frozen) for what is being used when catching on the pier. Fresh bunker, fresh clams, worms, killies, squid, mackerel and spearing are some of the bait available. You should call to see what is available at that time, before coming to the pier, 732-495-8842. We also sell a limited variety of tackle (pertaining to what is best used off the pier).

What are the pier hours?

Peak Season – Memorial Day through Labor Day the pier is open Sunday through Saturday. The hours are as follows:                                         Monday – Friday, 7AM – dark or 8:30pm                   Saturday and Sunday, 6AM – dark or 8:30pm
Hours are subject to change do to inclement weather or change in sunset, so please call 732-495-8842

The hours do vary in the early spring through Memorial Day and again after Labor Day through October. Please check the website for updated hours during those times or call 732-495-8842 and listen to a voicemail which will give you specific hours if the weather is not good.