What is the cost to fish on the pier?


It is $8/day/person and you will get a wristband so that you can come and go on the pier all day and night if you would like. Children under 48” tall is $5/day/child and young children in strollers that will stay in the stroller and not walk around are free. Tuesdays are $7 for Seniors Citizens.

What if I don’t fish, or someone with me doesn’t fish, but wants to go on the pier to be with me and/or my family/friends?

The cost is still $8/day/person to receive the wristband. Children under 48” is $5/day/child. Again young children in strollers, staying in strollers are free. You may also take a walk down and back for $1; however, you may not stay on the pier. If you should decide to stay, you would need the $8 wristband and the $1 would be deducted from that cost.

How many poles can I bring?

You are allowed to bring two 2 poles per person ~~ No exceptions!

Do you rent poles?

Yes, we rent poles set up for either fluke or blue fish. The cost to rent a pole is $6/day and you must leave two forms of I.D. or a $50 cash deposit when renting poles. Examples of acceptable forms of I.D. include; license, credit card, state issued I.D., bank card.

What about bait and tackle? Do I need to bring my own?

We sell fresh bait (and also frozen) for what is being used when catching on the pier. Fresh bunker, fresh clams, worms, killies, squid, mackerel and spearing are some of the bait available. You should call to see what is available at that time, before coming to the pier, 732-495-8842. We also sell a limited variety of tackle (pertaining to what is best used off the pier).

What are the pier hours?

Peak Season – Memorial Day through Labor Day the pier is open Sunday through Saturday. The hours are as follows:                                         Monday – Friday, 7AM – dark or 8:30pm                   Saturday and Sunday, 6AM – dark or 8:30pm
Hours are subject to change do to inclement weather or change in sunset, so please call 732-495-8842

The hours do vary in the early spring through Memorial Day and again after Labor Day through October. Please check the website for updated hours during those times or call 732-495-8842 and listen to a voicemail which will give you specific hours if the weather is not good.



Keansburg Fishing Pier – Interesting And Helpful Links



2009 NJ Recreational Minimum Size, Possession Limits & Seasons


Water Temperature Link


Keansburg Weather Link


Keansburg Fishing Pier – Types Of Fish Waiting To Be Caught

Bluefish                          Average weight 2 lbs, can get up to 20 lbs. A greenish, iridescent blue shading into silver on the sides. Baby bluefish are called snapper blues The base of the pectoral fin usually has a black blotch. There are two dorsal fins, as you can see by the photo on the left, the front dorsal being more spiney, closely placed together. The mouth is large, with triangular teeth and a slightly protruding lower jaw. They range along most of the Atlantic coast, following schools of small bait fish. The larger fish travel farther out, in groups generally being around the same size fish, blues having the tendancy to eat their smaller members as well as the bait fish. Large schools are usually smaller fish, the larger fish schooling in smaller numbers. They usually appear in this area around mid-to late April.

Winter Flounder
The Winter Flounder’s mouth is hardly more than an inch around, and lacks visible teeth. A right eye fish. The lateral line is straight. Dorsal and anal fins angular in shape, moving to a wide point on the anal fin. Coloration varies from coppery brown to dark grey, sometimes olivy dark green. Darker fish usually have visible darker spot pattern. They can be found in extremely shallow water (even 2 feet deep) prefering muddy sand bottoms, as well as clay and gravelly sand.  They can sometimes be caught in only slightly brackish water, up near fresh water areas. They head offshore in the spring, with a usually good run of fishing during the winter months before. Average wieght is only 1- 1/2 pounds, some reaching as high as 5 lbs.

The Fluke has the larger mouth, full of teeth. A left eye fish. The lateral line curves over the pectoral fin.  Dorsal and anal fins evenly sized and rounded.Coloration varies widely, depending primarily on where the fish was caught, this bottom dweller altering it’s color slightly to blend into the sandy or muddy bottom of the bays and harbors it prefers. Variations from light brown to an almost black shade of sable, with light to dark mottled patterns of spots and blotches. Average weight is about 2-6 lbs, some reaching 15-20 lbs.  Summer months found in shallow waters, moving offshore during the winter. A fast swimmer, it feeds on small fish, squid, crabs and shrimp.



Stripers                                                                                                   Easily identifiable by the 7-8 horizontal stripes along the sides. Silvery body, dark stripes, grey-blue tones on offshore fish, brownish tones on river/brackish water fish. Dorsal fins are separated by a few inches, front dorsal is spiny. Caught during the spring on bloodworms and clams and during the fall run clams are also used






From the North: GSP South to Exit 117 to Route 36 east, continue for 4 miles to the Laurel Avenue exit for Keansburg, follow to boardwalk and turn left into the main parking lot.


From the South: GSP North to Exit 114.At the light turn right , at the next light make a left turn onto South Laurel, continue on road for 5.9 miles, follow to boardwalk and turn left into the main parking lot.

You will find us located behind the Amusement Park’s Main Parking Lot. Click the link below to get driving directions.


Keansburg Fishing Pier – Testimonials

  • “I have been going to the pier for several years now, because it is so convienient and cost effective.I always have a fun time and Kathi is very helpful with bait and tackle selection. I will be back again soon !!!

    Gary D.

  • We brought the whole family down and enjoyed a great day of fishing. My son and I caught our first stripers off the pier that day, Thanks Kathi, see you soon

    Leeann S.

  • “Great to see a website with info(reports, weather, pictures)  Me and a few buddys come down 10-15 times a year for blues, fluke, and stripers…we were down today 4/10/09 first time this year, you’ll see plenty of us in 2-3 weeks when blues roll in.  Thanks for making it a enjoyable experience!!”

    Matt M. ,PA Anglers

  • “I have been fishing the pier for alot of years now. I’ve done very good with bluefish, fluke, and stripers. You don’t have to leave the pier for anything, all the amenitie’s are right there. Kathi and staff are very hospitality oriented, and help in any way they can to provide you with a very relaxing day or evening of fishing.”

    Richard G.

  • I look forward to fishing the pier every year with the family  Thanks Kathi for all the helpful hints !

    The Pierce Family

  • We travel 1 1/2 hours every other weekend to fish the planks of Keansburg.  I landed a nice striper last year with fresh bunker bought at the pier

    Jason R.

  • Kathi is the best of the best.She is very honest and helpful.When she tells you there is fish she is telling you the truth! I have been going to the pier for 3 yearswith my family and have caught more than a hundred fish Thanks a lot Kathi!!!


  • This is our second year that we been fishing at the pier and it’s been the most enjoyable time. “If you want to get away from everything and feel stress free go to the Keansburg fishing pier your will have a pleasant experience” We don’t miss a chance to come down to fish at the pier. Kathi and her crew provide excellent service. Thanks again for a great time!

    The Cruz Brothers

  • It was good seeing you again. Danny and I are looking forward to another good fishing season with you. I can’t wait to see my face on here.

    Michael “Big Dog ” I.

  • There is just a place for everyone and that is on the pier. Your family makes our family have a great times when we are there and we love you all for that.
    Again Thanks, We Love You Guys !!

    Debbie & John Owens And Family

  •  I have been fishing from the pier since I was 7 years old and vacationed with my parents in Keansburg. At that time Kathi’s dad ran the pier. Since then I have spent many days on the pier and enjoyed every minute of it. My wife and I come down just to relax . Fishing is great and so is the company of Kathi. Keep up the good work!

    Eddie B. and Mary Jane

  • Thank You Kathi,from all of us, we will be back again and again!!

    Luis, J.D., Juan And Carlito

  • We’ve fished the pier for four years and it’s still our only  place to go at the shore. Jimmy caught his first BIG FISH there. We’ve caught our limit in blue fish many times and met a lot of good and friendly people, especially Kathy and her Sons.

    Jim, Jimmy And Terry


Keansburg Fishing Pier – Fishing Report

  • Daily Fishing Report

    Call for updated info

  • Noteworthy Catches

    Arnold Marquinos  29″ Striper 1st of the Season!!!

    Joe Simoes                 29″ Striper

    Kevin O’Conner           29″ Striper

    Louie Owens               29″ Striper

    Arnold Marquinos       28 1/2″ Striper

    Brian Morgan              30″ Striper

    Carlos Vicente            30 1/2″ Striper

    Arlen Leao                   30″ Striper

    Marcos Dahse            28″ Striper

    Al Christian from PA  29″ Striper

    Noel Branas               28″ Striper

    Ronald Gutierrez       28″ Striper

    Ronald Gutierrez       29″ Striper

    Joe Simoes               29″ Striper

    Arnold Marquinos   1st Flounder Of The Season!!!

    Eric Roman             28″ Striper



Hello Fisherman, I would like to welcome you to our new Website,It is currently under construction, so check back often for updates, Thank You, Kathi

 ALL-NIGHT fishing is tentatively set for May 1!! It has been pushed back so there is better conditions for catching fish.Check back for hours and confirmation

 Bait & Tackle Available on Site

Pole & Scoop Net Rentals Also Available


$8.00 Per Person 2 pole Limit

$5.00 Per Child under 48″

Tuesdays Seniors fish for $7.00


Group Rates Available for Organizations

Come Fish With Us

Open Weekdays 7am to 10pm

Friday & Saturday 6am to 11 pm

Sunday 6am to 10pm

All times subject to change due to inclement weather

NO REFUNDS due to weather  conditions

Call Ahead to Confirm Hours of Operation